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goldfilling asked: hello! i just found out about your tutorials and ahhh! i love your hair! turns out you also have a tumblr and its pretty freakin cool! so yeah just wanted you to know :)


Awh really glad you enjoyed them :D Thanks so much!

How to grow long dyed hair- My tips & hair care routine

How I maintain my hair’s health, what products I use, and tips for growing long hair while dyeing it! This was a highly requested video and many comments on other videos asked how I am able to keep my hair healthy while bleaching and dyeing it.

I know this video is kind of long and jumps around but I literally just spat out everything I could think of for 45 straight minutes and then had to edit it down into just the facts haha.


Everyday/dye mixing conditioner- Aussie Moist

Heavy duty/moisturizing conditioner- Lush Retread

Shampoo- Lush Fair Trade Honey

My other hair videos

Decided try out a minty turquoise for color for spring! I didn’t add any blue or purple to the rest of my hair since they were still colorful from the last time I dyed my hair :3 

Click for my hair bleaching tutorial

My other hair videos

Products used:

Manic Panic Electric Lizard

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Aqua

Aussie Moist Conditioner

Finally finished the video on how I cut my bangs! (with some bonus pin curl footage) Was asked on here a little while back to record how I trim my short bangs, so here it is :3 It doesn’t normally take me very long so I included the gratuitous hair shots too :P

How to use Curlformers! No Heat Curls tutorial
Made another video~ I really like using curlformers when I want long lasting no heat curls :D There’s a bunch of different widths and lengths so it’s easy to create all kinds of styles. The hair forms curls the best with damp hair but it’s harder to get them in the curlformers that way… So I put my hair in dry and the wet the curlformers afterwards. Within an hour or two, they’re ready to remove. The longer the hair is left in, the tighter the curl will be. You can even put them in before bed and wake up to pretty curls :3 All without the damage of hot styling tools~ They’re available at Sally’s Beauty or online if you’d like to try them out some time

The rest of my videos

Dyeing My Hair Silver, Blue, and Purple~ Ombre hair dye tutorial

As promised the second part of my new haircolor video, actually dyeing my hair :3 Got a little bit of lavender in there too around my bangs and sideburns. All the colors/materials used are listed in the youtube description box. I want to make one of these every time I redo my hair from now on 8D

My How to Bleach Hair White Video (aka part 1 of this video)

How to Bleach Hair White! Bleaching Tutorial 

I’m not a professional but have bleached my hair very light using this method many many times with minimum damage. I am going for a silver/grey at my roots, fading down into a light blue, blue, then purple. See me dye my hair in the next video :D

Before bleaching your whole head, I would recommend trimming a small lock of hair and observing it in the bleach combo. That will also help get the timing down for how light you want it to lift. Roots lift faster than the rest of the hair due to heat from the scalp, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. 

For truly white hair, a toning shampoo comes in handy. Alternatively, a drop of purple dye in conditioner can even out the yellow tones too. 

You will need:
Bleach Powder
Vol40 developer
Mixing bowl
Silver/purple shampoo (Optional)

See more hair videos on my youtube~

Basically cut off 6 inches all the way around! (Most of the purple part) It’s more like 5 inches in the back, nearly 7 or 8 in my shorter front layers. It had gotten 22 inches long! Yeowza. Filmed this before Halloween and it’s nearly grown back by now. OTL

Anyways, feel free to check out my other Hair videos on my Youtube :D I’ll be doing a how to bleach/dye video next :3