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Anonymous asked: What are you studying for? Or working? Do you think that the hair color matters or how it affects to you? I have colorful hair too, so I wanted to know your opinion.


Taking my Technical Design courses to finish up my Computer Engineering undergrad degree :) Doesn’t matter much as a student but I’m not sure after that

Anonymous asked: Do you speak Spanish?


Si, puedo :)

Also I looked up where Ferguson, MO was in relation to where I used to live. 35 min from my old house. D: Closer than the Galleria was to me and I went there all the time. A lot of my high school friends now live in Saint Louis but I am kind of a Facebook recluse so I’m not sure what they think of it… but it’s crazy to have something like this happening so close to where I used to call ‘home’. I dunno

Trying to edit videos for youtube while watching America’s Next Top Model Guys vs Girls ….. progress is slow XD

Vacation Vlog: Ocean City, MD! June 27 - July 4

My boyfriend (Sky)’s family kindly invited me to go to OC with them and I had so much fun :3 A handful of our activities included Kayaking, Biking, Jet skiing, Kite Flying, and lots of wave riding! There was so much footage, it was hard to cut it down but I think I got everything in. The last day (4th of July) was rained out by a big storm but there was a secret stash of fireworks to light after we got back :D

goldfilling asked: hello! i just found out about your tutorials and ahhh! i love your hair! turns out you also have a tumblr and its pretty freakin cool! so yeah just wanted you to know :)


Awh really glad you enjoyed them :D Thanks so much!

insane-dog asked: what's hair colour right now ?


Dyed it a bright green-aqua-blue-purple-magenta near rainbow before the beach last week and it has settled into mint-aqua-blue-purple after all that salt water XD I have a few videos to edit and upload so you’ll be able to see the fading process ha

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners- Swatches, Review, Looks (includes Ocho Loco II and Liquid)

Hands down my favorite liners! I test a bunch of the regular 24/7 pencil liners out plus 2 24/7 liquid liners, swatching them, then I (try to) rub them off with my hand and with water, followed by some of my favorite ways to use the liners. I’ve worn quite a few of them in previous videos as well!

I didn’t even use a primer but they still stay on so well and vibrantly! They really glide on when I’m applying them and it’s safe to say I am addicted!

Now, they are $20 apiece, however, but I was able to grab the Ocho Loco II set during the Sephora 20% spring sale so for the price of 2-3 liners, I got 8 plus a sharpener, which really helped my collection (read: addiction) grow. I really hope you are able to give these a try some time!

To see me do the makeup I already had on at the start of this video, check out my daily makeup routine video here.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils:

Deep End, Junkie, Mars, Psychadelic Sister, Tornado, Ultraviolet, Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Cuff

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners:

El Dorado and Revolver