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Vacation Vlog: Outer Banks, NC (August 3rd - 10th, 2014) OBX

My family has been going to OBX for many years and this time Sky (my boyfriend) joined us! There was some stormy weather but the sunny days were perfect for wave riding. I think that was the most tan I have ever been ha. At some points in the day the salt water started to irritate my eyes so I put on dorky goggles heh. What can I say, they helped! Also dyed my hair the night I got there, not sure if you can tell but in one of the first clips my hair was light blue and then it goes super bright right after.

Dyeing My Hair Bright Magenta, Purple, Blue, Green! Using Special Effects, Manic Panic, and Ion

Re-dyed my hair back to brights! Not in my usual set up since I had dyed my hair with Ion’s Mint before leaving for vacation but it washed out after a day or two :/ So re-dyed it at the beach ha… I realized I had a bunch of Special Effects dye I had been saving so I figured why not use it after the pastel mess up? I really ended up liking the results :D

Dyes used:

Special Effects Virgin Rose, Wildflower, Blue Haired Freak

Ion Aqua

Manic Panic Electric Lizard

NEGATIVE REVIEW!: Ion Mint Dye - Turned out pastel blue?!

I have had good luck with Ion in the past and have liked their pastel dye range accept this dye. I had to dye my hair again a few days later because the little bit of color this did leave washed out! There also wasn’t much of the dye in the tube! I only had enough to cover my roots and hair down to about bang-length yet the ice blue was very weak and I didn’t even dilute it! It’s unfortunate because I have gotten real mint green hair using a tiny bit of their Aqua with Manic panic’s Electric Lizard/Banana and conditioner for much much cheaper. :/ Have you tried this one out yet? I would advise against it…