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My hair, eyeliner, and nails all color coordinated 8D Awh yiss

How to grow long dyed hair- My tips & hair care routine

How I maintain my hair’s health, what products I use, and tips for growing long hair while dyeing it! This was a highly requested video and many comments on other videos asked how I am able to keep my hair healthy while bleaching and dyeing it.

I know this video is kind of long and jumps around but I literally just spat out everything I could think of for 45 straight minutes and then had to edit it down into just the facts haha.


Everyday/dye mixing conditioner- Aussie Moist

Heavy duty/moisturizing conditioner- Lush Retread

Shampoo- Lush Fair Trade Honey

My other hair videos

Decided try out a minty turquoise for color for spring! I didn’t add any blue or purple to the rest of my hair since they were still colorful from the last time I dyed my hair :3 

Click for my hair bleaching tutorial

My other hair videos

Products used:

Manic Panic Electric Lizard

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Aqua

Aussie Moist Conditioner

Finally finished the video on how I cut my bangs! (with some bonus pin curl footage) Was asked on here a little while back to record how I trim my short bangs, so here it is :3 It doesn’t normally take me very long so I included the gratuitous hair shots too :P

Put some random pincurls in my hair last night, which I’ve never attempted before, slept in them, and they actually worked! Didn’t get a video of me putting them in since I had no clue what I was doing or if it would work, but got footage of me taking them out and also of how I trim my bangs :P So will edit that soon as well as a new dye video and a hair care products vid!

Anonymous asked: omfg your hair! in love w/ the blue and grey, what dyes and how long did it take??


Hi! I’ve recently been using Ion color brilliance dyes which are really fast acting. I only left the dye in for like 30 minutes after it was all applied and you can actually see me apply it here in this video:
Dyeing My Hair Silver, Blue, and Purple

My Rainbow Hair Timeline! 4 years of colorful hairstyles in 3 minutes

The first 2 photos are my natural hair, which is a light red brown blonde color haha. The video starts mid-late ‘09 and goes until the first month of ‘14 but it’s mostly 2009-2013.

Dyeing My Hair Silver, Blue, and Purple~ Ombre hair dye tutorial

As promised the second part of my new haircolor video, actually dyeing my hair :3 Got a little bit of lavender in there too around my bangs and sideburns. All the colors/materials used are listed in the youtube description box. I want to make one of these every time I redo my hair from now on 8D

My How to Bleach Hair White Video (aka part 1 of this video)