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yayforturtles asked: how would you fix super patchy bleached hair? mine is different shades of ginger and blonde. and now the roots are lighter than the gingery rest of my hair?? :( any suggestions? i have school on tuesday. im hoping to get it pretty light so i can dye it green by next wednesday. but i really just want it to be acceptable by tuesday :(


Hmm it’s hard to say too much without seeing your hair/its texture but as long as the gingery parts aren’t too dark, you might benefit from toning it with a silver shampoo or purple dye mixed with conditioner. Depending on how long ago it was bleached, you could also cover the lighter bleached bits with conditioner and try to lift the darker patches with some bleach, but you’d have to be pretty careful if taking that route. If the ginger parts were from a previous dye job, you may be able to remove them with Color Oops. Otherwise you might just have to go for a really dark forest green to cover any patches and wait until your hair is ready to try bleaching it again :c Good luck!

Anonymous asked: i'm gonna dye my hair for the first time and i wanted to know which products you recommend like what kind of hair dye, bleach and stuff


Hi! I use the same bleach powder/developer combo every time but the dye brands depend on color :) Not sure which colors you are after, but here is my Hair Bleaching video tutorial and a few different dye videos: 

Dyeing My Hair Silver, Blue, and Purple

Dyeing My Hair Mint Green Turquoise

Dyeing My Hair Bright Green and Blue

Anonymous asked: hello, how often do you take care of your roots? as your hair always looks fresh from the top down. thanks in advance :)


i do them every 4-6 weeks :3 i tend to let them go longer if i have a dark or bright color close to my root since it isn’t as noticeable as when I am all pastel :)

Anonymous asked: Hi dear! I recently came back to my natural hair colour, after bleaching and dyeing it for a few years. But I found a tube of pink hair dye that I'm not going to use anymore, and I don't know what to do with it! It's not new, so I can't sell it, but I don't want to waste it. Any ideas? It's Special Effects' Atomic Pink, by the way.


Hello :D Atomic pink is an awesome color and I’m pretty sure it glows under black light! It has always stained my clothes so maybe you could use it to make a black light-reactive tie dye shirt or skirt :D

Anonymous asked: Hi! I hope you dont mind me pestering you- but.. For along time now ive wanted to dye my hair lavender but i dont know what products to use! If you could give any recommendations that would be a big help! <3 thanks


Hi! After bleaching, Ion’s Color Briliance Lavender is a great dye to use :D Otherwise a little of their purple dye diluted in a whooole lot of conditioner will give the same effect :) If you have long hair, I would recommend buying 2 of the lavender dye tubes but if you’re going the diluted purple route, one should be more than enough :3

karlaelfxe asked: Hello, I inspired you to change the color of my hair to purple, i'm Mexican and i don't speak much english but I woul like to know How do you do to keep your hair as long and discolored? i know that you have a video on this but I would like to see me except a reply here.


Quieres saber como puedo crecer el cabello largo y teñir lo tambien? Creo que mi dieta saludable ayuda la capacidad para crecer cabello fuerte que puede tomar tanto abuso jaja! Solo blanqueo el pelo una vez de cada mes (pero a veces cada 6 semanas… depende si lo necesita) y uso mucho acondicionador para reducir el daño.

Si es mas facil por ti, podemos hablar sobre los detalles en Español tambien :)

rapturerinserepeat replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m not really sur…

For Special Effects, I used to use rubbing alcohol to clean any mess that was left behind. It worked really well for me.

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Anonymous asked: I'm not really sure the best way to search your faq so I'm sorry if this was already asked but what do you do to prevent your tub/sink from being stained?


I don’t bother too much since Ion doesn’t stain as bad as Special Effects did but if I notice a spot, I’ve found the best way to remove stains isn’t bathroom cleaners, it’s a diluted mixture of the bleach I use on my hair :) It’s meant to remove the dye anyway and it always cleans dye stains well for me. Though be careful before using a whole bunch of it, try a small amount to see how it reacts with the surface in question you’re trying to remove the stain from :)

Ah yeah my 'faq' is really just everything I’ve tagged here on tumblr as such so it’s not really searchable at the moment but I can try to add more categories in later. Though going to the tag and using ctrl+f might help find specific keywords.

bleusbites asked: hi :) i want to ask you a question my hair is dark brown and i would like to bleach it so i could dye it red so my question is. do you have any advice on how to do it and how could i also bleach the sides of my hair since im a guy i dont want to leave the sides out but i cant seem to find anything on how to bleach hair sides i would really appreciate your help and oh i love ur blog :D


Bleaching the sides should be just like the rest of the hair, you just want to avoid getting the bleach really close to your scalp. If the sides are really short and you’d like to keep them that way, you’ll be bleaching/dyeing them pretty frequently, unfortunately. Once you’ve done an allover bleach, to protect the rest of your hair from becoming overprocessed, you can protect the rest/top of your hair with conditioner during the side-bleaching process :3 

xmelanchonix asked: I'm a bit worried about bleaching all of my hair because I have bleached it before. Is it safe to bleach it or would it ruin my hair? Also, are there any ways to make your hair easier to bleach without a person helping and to make your hair blonde instead of orange? (I have very thick dark hair and it is hard to reach the back sometimes.)


Hmm it depends on how light you are trying to go and how recently it was last bleached but you can always put some conditioner on the parts of your hair you want to protect and do a test run on a small patch of hair that won’t be noticeable (like at the nape of your neck or under your ears) to see how it reacts and to get the timing down correctly. For the blonde vs orange tones it is hard to say without seeing your hair in real life but toners or purple dye in conditioner can help with the yellow tones.

I sometimes set up two mirrors, one in front of my head and one behind to double check if I got everything.

But here is a video of how I was able to do mine and the products I used :)