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If you aren’t happy with what someone does for you at a salon, you need to let them know. It’s crazy the

Yeah most times it was too minor for me to say much, I just happened to stop going all together…

It sucks so much to hear people’s bad experiences at salons. I’ve been there. I was one of those clients who were never happy, which is why I’m so dedicated to making sure people are. Your boyfriend should never have paid for that haircut, and if they have a yelp page he should write his experience on it. The excuse “but the salon is too expensive” is BS to me (@sugarsugar-dina this doesn’t have anything to do with you now) because your hair is the one accessory you don’t take off. 1) Hairstylists go through a LOT of classes and training which is why we charge for our services. It’s our time (most of my clients are color corrections taking 4+ hours), it’s our knowledge, and it’s a whole lot of color product as well. 2) We have bills to pay. It’s a job like anyone else’s. You probably wouldn’t haggle with your car mechanic or your dentist for being too expensive. You need that new battery or that cleaning. Same goes with your hair. I didn’t mean for this to go on a huge rant, it’s just something I’ve wanted to touch on for a while. I feel - as a colorist, and a good one - that we are so under appreciated and get shit because you’ve had a bad experience at a salon. That doesn’t mean someone else will mess you up. I hope this brings light to our side of the story.

I like that ‘because your hair is the one accessory you don’t take off’. (It’s true- I feel weird wearing warm colors urk) And a few bad experiences can leave a bad taste in the mouth, but I’m glad you are dedicated to styling like that, even after your experiences. 

I should add that consultations before dropping a fair amount of money can really be helpful in finding the right stylist, especially if you can see photos of their previous work. They can give an estimate for what is worth it for their time and they’ll have time to get ready for your style instead of just dropping in any salon and being like “aight who can make rainbow hair right now?” 

It’s somewhat of a gamble either way, salon or home, I suppose it depends on your risk tolerance as well as price range. The more research you do about the process beforehand, the better off you will be in either case :)

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ehhhh im wayyyy to shy to speak up. plus like… they have to know when they do something that is not what you asked for. Sucks about ur bf. even though he complained he still had to pay… thats p much wht i would expect to happen if I complained..

That was the strange part… If I were a business owner and realized there had been a misstep, I would of course offer to do all I could to fix the problem for the customer. If they were still dissatisfied (and obviously not looking for just a free cut) I wouldn’t be charging them :/ In fact I would be happy it would have been brought to my attention if staff wasn’t up to par. Mistakes happen, but owning up to it would go a long way for keeping a customer for the future. 

Ha the worst part was we were headed to the beach so he had all this super-pale skin now exposed :P. You can kind of see a few days after the cut had grown out in my OBX vlog… and here is his normal cut… hard to believe she didn’t notice that difference considering she cut it both times. 

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I wanted to do the first bleach at a salon and the price was above 300 for my pixie haircut head, and it wasn’t even a fancy salon. Sorry but I take the risk of doing it myself. I have messed up sometimes, I have fixed it other times and that’s ok.

Wow! Was it for a complicated color combo? A pixie would grow out so quickly I don’t think I could ever justify that price to myself. 

I suppose I should mention I started making the youtube videos to hopefully save people the time/experimentation/frustrations I went through when trying out different methods since it was definitely a learning process. When I started in 2009 I didn’t see as many hair tutorials for bleaching/dyeing unless it was “scene hair” that looked so damaged and scary… 

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If you aren’t happy with what someone does for you at a salon, you need to let them know. It’s crazy the

Yeah most times it was too minor for me to say much, I just happened to stop going all together though once I realized I could do it myself. If it’s something big, you should absolutely let them know so maybe there can be a fix, but I can understand being embarrassed or shy in the moment. This is going to be long, but since we are on the topic…

A month or two ago my boyfriend went to his usual stylist, who normally does a great job, and she made a big mess of his cut. I’m talking shaved nearly an extra cm down to the skin all around his ear (it’s not ever been shaved like that, I think it’s about a 3 guard when I’ve touched it up for him), cut the neckline uneven at first and kept over correcting until it was up about an inch (!) too high and totally shaved to the skin, and cut everything one length where he usually has layers. When he mentioned this was no where near what he usually got and asked if someone could fix it (what was left of it), the salon insisted he pay/tip the stylist for the botched job and that he could make another appointment. But he didn’t even have much hair left to fix :/  Needless to say I don’t think he’ll be back there again.